Oiva Health acquires Onerva Care secure messaging business

Vantaa – Finland

Oiva Health and Onerva Hoivaviestintä have announced cooperation that will transfer Onerva Care secured messaging business to Oiva Health. This strategic acquisition strengthens Oiva Health’s position as a provider of healthcare communication solutions and expands the company’s market position in the Finnish care communications market.

Onerva Care is known for its innovative communication solutions that improve communication between nursing staff and relatives. The secure instant messaging mobile application developed by the company has received wide praise for its ease of use and efficiency in the everyday life of care services. Now, as part of Oiva Health, these solutions will receive an even broader platform and more resources for development.

“It has been great to develop communication in the health and social care sector together with the healthcare professional, and now we are really satisfied that we can do it with broader shoulders and offer better services to our customers. The most important thing for us is that with Oiva Health, more and more family members, customers and professionals get access to easy-to-use data secure communication and through this we make care work easier,” says Ville Niemijärvi, founder and CEO of Onerva Hoivaviestintä “We are really excited about the future and what we can achieve together with Oiva Health,” he concludes.

Secured messaging is a fundamental part of Digital Care platform

The current customers of Onerva Care can expect continuous service and support, now with even more expertise and resources. Oiva Health’s secure communications solution already has users in more than 70 healthcare and social welfare organizations in Denmark and Finland. The service was just released to Finland earlier this year. This large existing user volume enables significant investments in the continuous development of the service.

“We see secured communication as one fundamental element for our Digital Care platform that we are developing for long-term care services offered to patients homes. We are thrilled to welcome Onerva’s customers and users to collaborate with us in this exciting journey of co-developing advanced digital platform to long-term care services.” says Juhana Ojala, CEO of Oiva Health.

Oiva Health and Onerva will continue to develop customer-centric innovations and improve healthcare communications. Together, they strive to create seamless and user-friendly solutions that make providing care smoother and the patient experience better.

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Juhana Ojala
CEO – Oiva Health
+358 40 568 2182

Ville Niemijärvi
CEO – Onerva Hoivaviestintä
+358 50 326 4989

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