Digital Clinic for healthcare and social care

Oiva Health Digital Clinic is designed to enable quickly implemented chat and video appointment tools, as well as broader digital healthcare services. If necessary, the service module can be fully customized to meet even the most detailed needs of healthcare providers.

Oiva Health enables preventive care, makes the daily life of professionals easier, brings security to the patients and increases happiness.

Oiva Health Digital Clinic has been developed for the digitalization needs of primary care, specialized hospital care and social care services. The functions of the digital clinic are designed to be used both alongside normal care work and as the main working tools of separate digital care units.

Oiva Health Digital Clinic – healthcare services always available in patient’s pocket

Today, patients demand easier and faster access to health and social care services. With the help of the digital clinic, the healthcare provider can offer patients efficient and reliable channels for digital healthcare services, while reducing the pressure at the receptions of physical healthcare and social care services.


Fully customizable to the health service provider’s needs.
The Online Patient Portal and mobile applications can be fully white-labeled.

Smooth use on all devices

Easy-to-use service that works on any device.
Especially designed for smartphone use.

Information secured

The data security is maintained e.g.
with regular information security audits

EHR integrability

Available APIs guarantee that customer IDs and
healthcare personnel information are always up-to-date.

Extensive digital care features

Patient portal & mobile applications

A digital portal designed for patient use, as well as iOS and Android mobile applications

Online appointment scheduling

Appointment booking according to symptoms and needs
(doctor clinic, laboratory, etc.). With EHR integration, you can manage reception times directly from the EHR calendar

Chat & chatbot

The need/symptom-based chat chanel speeds up and improves customer service and assessment of the need for care services

Video appointments

Video receptions by appointment and on an ad-hoc basis

Secured messaging

Non-urgent communication with a doctor, nurse or other professional for guidance or treatment process

Electronic health surveys

A medical device-approved survey solution based on scientifically validated methods


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