Joel Holmén one of the Top100 Healthcare influencers in Finland

Joel Holmén Medical advisor VideoVisit Oy

We’re pleased to tell you that our Medical Advisor Joel Holmén has been nominated as one of the Top100  Healthcare influencers of 2020 in Finland by Mediuutiset. This year’s list emphasizes for example both rapid responses and long-term development work on digital services and information security

Holmén received the nomination from his work on developing and taking to use a Virtual Rehabilitation model for elderly suffering mental conditions at Turku University Hospital located in the southwest of Finland. VideoVisit has been supporting the development of this digital model of elderly mental rehabilitation by offering its VideoVisit® Home Virtual Care solution for the project.

“It was a great surprise to get on the list! Behind this nomination there is many people who have been doing important work on improving elderly mental care and digital services. The mental wellbeing of elderly is more current and critical topic than ever before due to Covid-19. It has forced the elderly to practice social distancing and self-isolation in an unprecedented way.

Joel Holmén

Joel Holmén is a doctor who specializes in psychiatry and also a doctoral researcher who has worked several years with geriatric psychiatry at the Turku University Hospital. Joel has acquired an extensive expertise in geriatric mental health care as well as using technology to support treatment.

“Often there is a common belief that elderly people are not capable of using the newest technology, but obviously it’s not true. Digital services for elderly just need to be designed by keeping in mind their users. It is great to be involved in developing solutions for such an important issue. Hopefully this nomination will highlight more the need and possibilities of digital services for the elderly people”, says Joel. 

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Joel Holmén
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