Welcome to new VideoVisit – fresh start for a global era!

We are extremely proud and excited to launch our new VideoVisit facelift. A one-man company has grown over the years into a market pioneer in Telehealth and online customer care markets, not only in Finland but also in the international markets. Today we are proudly sharing to our international friends the best practices and solutions we have developed together with the Finnish healthcare service providers.

Looking back to year 2016

Year 2016 was an important milestone for VideoVisit as an organization in Finland. We managed to won two major framework agreements covering all Finnish public organizations in virtual care, online doctor appointment and consultation platforms. Being a framework agreement service provider for the next 8 years gives us once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop digital healthcare services with the most advanced Finnish healthcare providers. This will benefit both the healthcare providers and clients who will now receive better care and treatment than before.

The results of what we have achieved together with our partners and customers highlight the whole last year –the whole VideoVisit team is absolutely thrilled of what we have achieved together with city of Helsinki’s Service Centre. It’s not every day that a combination of unique technology, right processes and internal know-how provide up to 85% cost efficiency in healthcare services.

Future – eyes at the international markets

This year marks another big landmark for us as we take big steps forward globally. We have noticed that Finnish digital healthcare technology is highly valued and praised by international healthcare service providers.

Especially elderly care is one of the areas where various countries share the same challenges. Population is getting older while there’s only a limited amount of resources available to take care of the elderly. So it’s not a big surprise that VideoVisit has received lots of interest abroad regarding our virtual care solution that is widely used in Finland with terrific results.

A part of our 2017 company strategy is to deliver our know-how and VideoVisit® platform to selected international markets through closely chosen international distributors. The work is well on its way and the first results can be seen before the summer holidays begin.

Building up an international distribution network takes time and effort. For VideoVisit the help we have received from Team Finland has been extremely valuable. A good example of a great teamwork with people at Team Finland is the upcoming Mobile Wold Congress 2017 in Barcelona where we share a joint booth with other top-notch companies specialized in digital solutions. It’s been an honor to be recognized as a Finnish company that has value to international markets.

Proudly taking care

Without our customers, partners and people using our services VideoVisit wouldn’t be where it is today. The driving force for us has been to make the world a better place, especially in terms of living at home longer and happily. We will thrive forward with this mentality in our mind. We are always ready to take care of you!

Juhana Ojala
Sales Director

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