Finnish remote care company VideoVisit aims for international markets – investors also believe in global success

VideoVisit Oy was selected as the most promising growth company in the Growth Program category of the SUPERFINNS® program. A panel of Nordea representatives and Finland’s leading equity investors evaluated these growth companies. VideoVisit’s goal is to enrich the lives of people in need of care with well-established remote care services.

Bringing virtual health care services to this day and age is at the heart of VideoVisit’s operations. With its services the company aims at ensuring independent and happy lives for its clients as long as possible.

“Remote solutions are already widely used in other service sectors, however, when it comes to care services, they are often perceived as challenging because elderly people do not necessarily have the technological skills to use them. Our services are so simple to use that lack of technical skills is not a barrier to use them”, says the founder of VideoVisit Esa Ojala.

Extensive work to develop remote care

VideoVisit has come a long way in developing its services. Esa Ojala founded the company in 2010 and since then, together with his team, he has been innovating solutions that bring healthcare and social welfare services closer to the patient. “Our mission is to create innovative health care solutions that help health care providers to deliver well-functioning remote services. At the same time, we see enormous potential to enrich care clients’ lives with remote services. We do not want remote services to be perceived as taking something away from the original service, instead, they create new opportunities – care clients daily activities and connections increase as remote services are being implemented”, says Ojala. 

VideoVisit already has a strong foothold in Finland, and it has framework agreements with most health care districts and municipalities. ”We hope that more and more service providers would implement remote services and thus develop their own operations for the benefit of the patient.”

Investing in internationalization

VideoVisit has already piloted its operations in the international markets. Among other places, it currently operates in Japan where the population structure and number of elderly people provides great opportunities for VideoVisit to expand its operations. The criteria for winning the program were a scalable business model, evidence of growth potential and ambitious internationalization goals. VideoVisit is constantly working towards internalization and looks for markets where, in the big picture, the structure of society is similar to Finland.

”Our first targets are the Nordic countries and Baltic region. Additionally, Japan and England are on our list. Our international operations are carried out by using a partnership model”, says Ben Hasselblatt, VideoVisit Global’s Sales Director.

“On a personal note, being successful among the competition means a lot to me. It is a reward for entrepreneurship and hard work. With a whole heart we have been building our services for more than a decade. Succeeding in the SUPERFINNS® program will help us to achieve our next dreams”, says Ojala about the award.  

VideoVisit® Virtual Home Care is a solution specifically designed for home care, home rehabilitation, home nursing and disability services that enables providing services to people living at home via video connection. We provide a secure and reliable video connection between the caregiver, elderly and family members. Over 200 municipalities and approximately 16 health care districts use our services.

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