2018 – The year of virtual care!

Hitting the growth track

Year 2017 was a big turning-point for the whole VideoVisit organization both in Finland and in international markets. In 2016 VideoVisit was chosen by KL-Kuntahankinnat to provide virtual care, online doctor appointment and consultation platform to Finnish public healthcare service providers through Kuntahankinnat’s framework agreements covering years 2016-2024. In 2017 our Finnish organization experienced rapid growth in terms of new customers and number of end users. Within a one year time-frame, VideoVisit climbed to become the market leader in virtual care services in Finland with close to 85% market share.

Naturally this had some effects on VideoVisit organization itself. Suddenly our team founded itself surrounded by close to 20 proud VideoVisit colleagues, all sharing the same passion for remote healthcare services and new digital health technologies. Looking back the last year, this dedicated VideoVisit team deserves a lot of credit for successfully delivering over 40 new service implementation projects to our Finnish customers through the year 2017.

Finnish testimonial creates interest in global healthcare markets

When we started year 2017, we publicly highlighted that one of the company strategies for 2017 was expanding into new carefully selected international markets. With that strategy in mind, we established a subsidiary company, VideoVisit Global Ltd, to focus on international markets and appointed Juhana Ojala as the CEO and Michael Haralson as the COO of VideoVisit Global. For year 2018 we are expecting international growth from the Nordic region, UK and South-East Asia.

The interest that the global healthcare market shows towards the Finnish healthcare technology is not any unicorn legend. Throughout the year both private and public healthcare service providers around the world have traveled to Finland to learn more about the groundbreaking  “Finnish virtual care model”. Success stories such as the city of Helsinki’s virtual care service have created positive buzz even among many foreign governments’ ministry of health delegations. Not to mention BBC hopping into a flight from London Heathrow to Helsinki-Vantaa airport in order to showcase city of Helsinki’s virtual care on their global TV-show.

We are really proud of what our customers in Finland have achieved. The city of Helsinki has been the international front-runner in virtual home care services for multiple years. They haven’t achieved this status by accident. The dedication of deploying virtual care is shared with the whole organization from top to bottom. Palvelukeskus Helsinki, who operates the virtual care service in Helsinki, has believed in their vision and has constantly developed virtual care services and found new service models of how to utilize virtual care.

At the end, all that matters is the smiling faces of all those patients who feel more safe living in their homes longer than it was possible before. That’s what drives us and our customers forward.

Our whole VideoVisit team is delighted to share this success story with the rest of the world by introducing the City of Helsinki virtual care case video. Year 2018 will be the year of virtual care – we welcome you to join the ride!

Esa Ojala
Founder & CEO – VideoVisit Ltd

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